An original project presented by the French furniture 'Haute facture'

Thirteen Haute facture manufacturers, members of l'Ameublement français, will reveal their secrets in a collective and immersive scenography by the extravagant interior designer Vincent Darré. Fascinated by the history of the decorative arts and the intellectual ferment of the 20th century, Vincent is going to lay these manufacturers, holders of exceptional know-how, on the psychoanalytic couch and invite visitors to enter a curiosity cabinet with multiple references. He summons all the great figures and trends of the 20th century in this audacious scenography for which he brings together emblematic pieces of furniture from these Haute Facture Manufacturers and pieces exclusively created for the exhibition.

"We want to tell the story of rare crafts, of French excellence and its ability to reinvent know-how through an installation with a bold artistic bias. Which makes Vincent Darré the right person for the job and the Monnaie de Paris Museum, with its history and its commitment to arts and crafts, the perfect setting for this exhibition. French excellence, art of living and decorative arts have crossed centuries and borders. We are working every day to ensure their influence for tomorrow. " Martin Pietri, President of Maison Taillardat and President of the French furniture 'Haute facture' group. 

A journey through excellency featuring 13 manufactures

To begin with, the visitor is invited to enter into a cinematic circus, a circular room dressed with a curtain made by the upholsterer decorator ATELIERS FAURE on which solarized videos of arts and crafts, like abstract and pictorial still lives, will be projected.


To pay tribute to the excellence and vivacity of these skills, Vincent Darré then imagined a "gallery of crafts" that opens onto the "psychoanalytic box", covered with mattresses made by LE LIT NATIONAL.

Being a true goldsmith of the bathroom, VOLEVATCH has redesigned a more modern version of its iconic "Jonas" circular shower inspired by a therapeutic model from 1900 and the German expressionist film "Doctor Caligari".

Next comes the work of ATELIER MIDAVAINE. Specialized in art and gold lacquerware, fine furniture, classic and contemporary styles, ATELIER MIDAVAINE is the bearer of the excellence of French know-how. The company is recognized as a living heritage company.


In the same room you will find the pieces of OBJET DE CURIOSITÉ : magnetized meteorites and other intriguing curiosities almost in levitation. A ball of beetle elytra on a blackened brass support brings out incredible iridescent colors ranging from blue to green.


Vincent Darré has designed a spectacular space for POUENAT featuring a custommade staircase banister with painted wrought iron decoration, gilded with leaf.


The cabinetmaker MOISSONNIER inspired a surrealist setting: the frame of a chair tilts off a wall to give an impression of vertigo, the chess tabletop hangs like an abstract painting and a Dutch chest of drawers in purple lacquered beech emerges from the wall as if we were in the middle of a dream.


The Emile transat chilienne in braided leather, a new savoir-faire from DUVIVIER CANAPÉS reveals exceptional materials: full grain leather lined with real wool felt, solid oak and brass details.



The double blue room offers a confrontation between the naturalist-style Ginko and Tourbillon lamps created by Chrystiane Charles and the Taurus lamp (1973). Time to admire the works of MAISON CHARLES.



The visitor then discovers one of the masterpieces of this exhibition: the intriguing neoclassical secretary "Hypnos" from the cabinetmaker TAILLARDAT which contains in its heart a decorated round vase signed by the Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy. A small armchair inspired by the 1930s completes the setting.


As a tribute to Louise Bourgeois, Vincent Darré covers the heads of tapestry milliners from the Aubusson manufacturer ROBERT FOUR.

© VERDURE AU PERROQUET, byJanaïna Milheiro for Robert Four


Discover the Julianne console in Ash, Olive and Bronze, the ZIGI solid wood stools and the Tobias stool in Macassar Ebony and Alabaster from the furniture manufacturer PHILIPPE HUREL



To end this hypnotic and whimsical journey into the history of art, a spectacular chandelier signed by the art bronzier MAISON LUCIEN GAU appears in a levitation position. 

In partnership with the Museum of Monnaie de Paris

About l’Ameublement français
L’Ameublement français is a professional organization that brings together 380 French companies involved in the manufacture of furniture and the fitting out of living spaces. As an accelerator of its industry, l’Ameublement français facilitates the conquest of national and international markets by its members, encourages innovation and know-how to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow and is committed to a virtuous and sustainable sector. L’Ameublement français provides its members with resources and initiates collective actions to encourage sharing with all the players in the value chain, from the object to the project. Convinced of the strength of the collective dimension, l’Ameublement français is a committed player on the political, economic, and social scenes to promote industrial excellence and the French art of living, under the banner “My furniture is French “.

About Monnaie de Paris
A unique institution located in the heart of Paris, Monnaie de Paris pursues its original mission, entrusted in 864: minting coins for the State. It is the oldest of French institutions and the oldest company in the world. Behind the doors of an 18th century palace, Monnaie de Paris houses the last Parisian factory in operation, supporting artistic craftsmanship through the production of exceptional products (medals, coins, decorations, works of art) in the historic workshops of the Quai de Conti. Monnaie de Paris is also located in Pessac (Gironde), where current and foreign coins as well as collector coins are produced, thanks to high-level industrial expertise. The Parisian site offers, thanks to its museum, a remarkable and sensory collection, between heritage collections and views of the art workshops. This unique identity and this exceptional heritage make Monnaie de Paris a key cultural