The business aspect of the event proved particularly dynamic with 280 B2B meetings between high-end French manufacturers, including 15 members of the French Furniture Association, and 30 Swiss principals (hotels, private clinics, purchasing groups, and architects and interior designers). A real success which illustrates the interest of the Swiss principals for the French know-how!

The conferences held at the Lausanne Palace by leading experts enabled French companies to gain a better understanding of the Swiss market and its specificities. A forward-looking round table brought together some of the big names in Swiss hospitality to discuss the trends of tomorrow in a sector undergoing rapid change (Swiss Hospitality Global, Hôtel des Horlogers, AUM Minassian, Winsedswiss education group, Linea Lombardo, Suisse Tourisme, Espaces Contemporains, Delarive Groupe).

Meet some of the participants