Manufacturer and editor of design furniture and decoration, 100% aluminium, 100% made in France.

L'Alufacture, éditeur de mobilier, Table basse Small XL - Design C+B Lefebvre.jpg
L'Alufacture, éditeur de mobilier, Tables basses Small XL - Design C+B Lefebvre.jpg
L'Alufacture, éditeur de mobilier - Vase-sculpture Building - Design C+B Lefebvre.jpg
L'Alufacture, éditeur de mobilier - Vase-sculpture Orgue - Design C+B Lefebvre.jpg

"There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and wow !" - Milton Glaser

"Wow" : that’s what we heard when the first collections of the Alufacture were created. By playing with shapes, colors and textures, the Alufacture works aluminium in a variety of surprising features, to create new objects resulting from both art and technique.
From accessories to furniture, our collections are entirely made of anodized aluminium. Shaped with the finesse and the requirement that are ours, this once precious metal allows the Alufacture to offer high-quality objects that are resistant to the everyday as well as the passing of time.

True to its values, the Alufacture places passion and authenticity at the heart of its approach. Designed by talented design studios, manufactured at the heart of our workshops in Champagne, the Alufacture collections are the pledge of an authentic product, the promise of a veritable "French touch".

Starting from a family story, the Alufacture has become over time a history of sharing. By opening its doors to new designers, the Alufacture has been raised to a young editor house, providing creators with a know-how refined for more than 80 years and a material with multiple possibilities.
Like the vocation of its founders, the Alufacture aspires to a simple goal : build a lasting relationship between design and aluminium.


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