Design company

Sofa Cubik - Armchair Rocky - Table Aero
Armchair Rocky
Table Aero
Table Highlander - Storage ladder Escala
Storage ladder Escala
Table Highlander
Shelf Labyrinthe - lamp / night light Moby
Shelf Labyrinthe
Sofa Couchino - Armchair Euptouillou - Shelf Pop-Up
Armchair Euptouillou
Sofa Couchino - Shelf Pop-Up
Console and shelves Nowaste - Candlesticks Pive - Candle handles
Console and shelves Nowaste
Mural shelf Sline - Console Co2
Mural shelf Sline - Origami vase
Office divider - Memphis

We are a young French design company founded in 2016 by Damien SANONER and Xavier DAUBLAIN. Our collection consists of contemporary furniture created in collaboration with designers. Our pieces are original, customizable, and mainly made in France. We are focusing on direct sales (on line and via pop up stores) ou through our interior designers partners. In addition we work on specific global project as support to interior designers. Le point D is answering a need of creativity by providing made-to-measure solutions, manufactured in small to bigger quantities, through our local suplliers.

Digital brand & increased reality
To support channel, Le Point D offers unique services in order to avoid any purchase restraint coming from online shopping. From 3D configurator to augmented reality available via a free application (available on AppleStore and Google Play), Point D knows how to insure success !


Living spaces

  • Hospitality / contract
  • Shop / retail
  • Offices / tertiary
Home / residential
  • Living room

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland


  • Sofas, upholstered armchairs
  • Seats
  • Furniture
  • Decoration & accessories


  • Design edition
  • Tailored / bespoke