Petite Friture ®, design editor of bold Furniture and Lighting.

Petite Friture éditeur mobilier M0530100 grid daybed grey black ©PF packshot HD (2)
Petite Friture éditeur mobilier Nubilo Jaune_001_© Ola Rindall
Petite Friture éditeur mobilier vertigo pendant lamps small large black ©pf packshot.jpg
Petite Friture éditeur mobilier weekend chairs table blue©Ola Rindal lifestyle LR

Petite Friture was born in 2009 from Amélie du Passage’s passion - Petite Friture’s founder – for design and beauty at large. Since the very beginning, the bold distinctive aesthetic and keen take on contemporary design has been a strong aim. More than simply creating something beautiful, a pretext for an encounter which gives rise to a form of beauty that resonates with something perfectly fundamental within us; beauty that is both surprising and uplifting. That brings out the best.


Living spaces

  • Shop / retail
  • Offices / tertiary
Home / residential
  • Living room
  • Dining room
Collective spaces
  • Leisure, sports, culture

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland


  • Sofas, upholstered armchairs
  • Seats
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Decoration & accessories


  • Design edition