From January 17 to 21, 2024, during Paris Deco Home, discover this sensory odyssey through the French Haute Facture in 4 locations in Paris, directed by Mauricio Clavero Kozlowski.

Practical information

  • 17 to 21 January 2024
    11h00 - 19h00
  • 4 showrooms dans Paris

For the 2024 edition of Paris Déco Home, the Haute-Facture group of the French furniture industry unveils a unique experience exploring the wonders of substance. This artistic and sensory odyssey, coordinated in four different spaces by talented designer and artistic director Mauricio Clavero Kozlowski, highlights the excellence of nine major French manufacturers through four immersive themes, interweaving the singular universes of exceptional houses, most of which have been awarded the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label.

"Four Seasons"

In the showroom dedicated to the “Four Seasons" ("Quatre Saisons”) the manufactures Pouenat, Robert Four, Atelier Midavaine and Objet de Curiosité seek to visually symbolize the constant changes of nature and the impact on our interiors, in a space where textures, colors and materials meet.

At Galerie Pouenat, 22bis passage Dauphine (Paris 6th)

"Living Materials"

A few streets away, the installation named "Living Materials" (“Matières Vivantes”), hosted by Atelier Alain Ellouz, Maison Taillardat and Atelier Midavaine, praises precious materials of natural origin such as alabaster, art lacquer and carved wood, and highlights the expertise of cabinetmakers.

At Galerie Alain Ellouz, 55 quai des Grands Augustins (Paris 6th)


The ‘‘Constellation’’ scenery where Duvivier Canapés shares its space with Tisserant and Objet de Curiosité, brings us into a cosmic universe with a muffled atmosphere.

At Duvivier Canapés, 27 rue Mazarine (Paris 6th)

"Imaginary Garden"

Lastly, the "Imaginary Garden" (‘‘Jardin Imaginaire”) scenography presents itself as a living space in constant harmony with music and nature, where the grace of gesture at Volevatch, Tisserant and Taillardat Manufacturers as well as Objet de Curiosité enhances everyday objects and turn the most robust materials into gentle poetry, inviting visitors to a dreamlike experience.

At Volevatch, 40 rue Bonaparte, (Paris 6th)

Each of these thematic highlights the excellence of Haute-Facture and offers an unparalleled artistic vision, revealing the magic of French craftsmanship.

A tour of the Haute Facture in 4 showrooms in Paris

  • FOUR SEASONS: Galerie Pouenat - 22bis passage Dauphine 75006 Paris
  • LIVING MATERIALS: Galerie Alain Ellouz - 55 quai des Grands Augustins 75006 Paris
  • CONSTELLATION: Duvivier Canapés - 27 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris
  • IMAGINARY GARDEN: Volevatch - 40 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris

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