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Simire is a French manufacturer of school, community and restaurant furniture.

Simire: historically committed French manufacturer
A pioneer in the community market 
Founded by André and Lucienne BENOIT in 1946, Simire manufactured TSF stations. It was in 1953 that production turned towards the manufacture of school furniture.
Simire reinforces its French leadership position of the furniture of collective by diversifying products and customers. The company is positioned in different markets: kid gardens, school, accommodation, catering and reception-meeting. 
A diversification of the offer 
Since 2018, different furniture ranges for cafes, hotels and restaurants are in development. This renewal makes it possible to offer French furniture customers a mix of robustness and design. 
Committed to the environment 
Blueprotech®: powder coating on wood with no VOC emissions 
In 2009, Simire develops Blueprotech®, the first wood-based epoxy powder varnish will not be rejected any VOC. It has lit the terms sustainable development, environmental safety, resistance and value for money. 
Simire has received, in 2010, the company environment award for its Blueprotech® process, awarded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development. 
PEFC certification: wood from sustainably managed forests 
Simire has been PEFC certified since 2005. This demonstrates his commitment to using wood from sustainably managed forests. 
Committed to society 
Demanding on product quality 
Certifications different certifications that guarantee the quality of the product and respect for the environment: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NF Education, NF Collectivité and NF Environment ameublement. 
Committed to social inclusion 
For a long time, Simire has been involved in the development of actions in favor of social integration. Today, 14% of the effectiveness is from handicapped employees or from social integration companies.
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