l'Ameublement français aux USA - Newsletter Mars 2019

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Dans le cadre du programme de développement commercial mis en place par le Groupe des Exportateurs de l’Ameublement français (GEM) pour le marché Nord-Américain depuis deux ans, l'agence Xpand promeut régulièrement l'actualité des entreprises membres de l'Ameublement français  auprès de cabinets d'architectes et interior designers nord-américains. 
Voici la dernière édition de la newsletter diffusée en mars : 



In this edition:

- 5 Rules of the "French Know-How" in Interior Design.
- New Kids on the Block.
- Coming to town.
-My Furniture is French: This Month.

5 Rules of the "French Know-How" in Interior Design

This year, it’s no surprise, French Design will make your projects look particularly distinguished.  We invite you to discover some of the keys to success according to French Design.


1. Embrace the mixture of Contemporary with Antique.  

French design is timeless. The secret is to wisely blend contemporary and antique pieces in harmony. My Furniture is French offers you a wide selection of brands both contemporary and classic that you will be delighted to review and blend together. Among these are Les Ateliers AllotMoissonnier, Petite Friture and Maison Taillardat


2. Add a little crystal.

There is nothing fancier than a crystal chandelier, whether if is in a traditional luxury home or lobby or in a contemporary space, it screams ¨l'art de vivre¨ all over. Take it one level higher with Atelier Alain Ellouz alabaster and rock crystal luminaires. Visit their showroom in SoHo and experience Alain Ellouz personally!

3. Don’t be afraid of patterns: it brings romance to the room.

Bring in the love, the jungle, the city, the maximalist in you and light up a room with ¨more is more¨ by mixing bright colors, details, wallpapers and everything that will confirm your creativity as unique. Check out La Chance, Moissonnier and Objet de Curiosité for marvelous patterns. 

4. Choose a precious designer item and make it the center of attention.

The French are educated, it's all about culture! One valuable designer piece as a highlight in the room will make your designs rich in culture. Philippe Hurel and Objet de Curiosité are the experts in the room! 

5. Don’t forget the GOLD.

Even if it is just a mirror, or a chair, or a cabinet, gold will always be gold! Ask Maison Taillardat and Les Ateliers Allot all about it!


New Kids on the Block

Philippe Hurel brings his 2019 Creations to NYC

Philippe Hurel is a french style and design entity dedicated to customization. With more than 100 years of experience in inspired creation and craftsmanship in France, they are currently present in showrooms around the globe. Philippe collaborates with distinguished Architects and Interior Designers who embrace wisely the challenges of implementing bespoke furniture in their projects. You are invited to visit the amazing Alain Ellouz Showroom on Spring Street in SoHo, where you will see Philippe's furniture in perfect harmony with Alain Ellouz alabaster and rock crystal luminaires.


The Welcome of La Chance to My Furniture is French 

With the purpose of representing the most exclusive design France has to offer, we are proud to announce the welcome of ¨La Chance” to My Furniture is French. With a touch of contemporary interpretation of the French Furniture tradition rooted in the Art Deco Period, La Chance feels authentic, unique, simple, yet elegant and edgy. Based on noble materials, it is nothing less than the come back to the warmest and the most inhibited luxury, breaking away the cold of the conceptual design. 


Coming to town

Philippe Hurel – April 1st through 5th 2019

It’s no surprise, most of our members will be in town for New York City’s annual celebration of design: NYCxDesign. They will take part in many events across the city’s boroughs to proudly represent the French Design. 


My Furniture is French: This Month

My Furniture is French is proud to introduce Maud de Bretagne as a new team member in New York City. With her significant experience in the design industry, Maud is a good representative to propagate French luxury designs and facilitate connections with our finest furnishing artisans. 

Throughout the year, our team will meet with New York firms to present our members and what My Furniture is French can bring to the table for your projects. Again, feel free to contact us if you want to arrange a meeting for your team. 



From the North American Team.

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