Since 1987, AREA has been a forerunner in creating street furniture in France.

Aréa Atlantique © Aréa 2018
Aréa Atlantique © Aréa 2018
Aréa Atlantique © Aréa 2018

AREA’s four main families of street furniture are:

L'ARBRE (TREES), combining all forms of furniture to protect and highlight plant life against an urban backdrop.

LA RUE (STREETS), presenting matching furniture in line with the development of different ways of getting around town.

LA PAUSE (TIME OUT), proposing all forms of seating, litter-bins and fountains to enhance the comfort and cleanliness of public places.

L'EVASION (GETTING AWAY), offering new perspectives to revamp urban areas, combining relaxation, sport and leisure activities.


Living spaces

  • City

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland


  • Urban furniture