Furniture & unit fixtures, office furniture manufacturing

Tailor-made furniture - Agence Strasbourg - LCL
Tailor-made rapid exchange offices - Caisse d'Epargne
Tailor-made furniture - Résidences Senior - Oh Activ'
Tailor-made furniture - Paris - Maison Lurex

Since 2005, we have produced your furniture with passion and commitment. Based in Haute-Goulaine (Nantes), elemen specializes in the design, production, delivery and installation of tailor-made professional furniture. She supports you on all or part of your project: design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of your furniture individually or in series.


Living spaces

  • Hospitality / contract
  • Shop / retail
  • Offices / tertiary
Collective spaces
  • Education
  • Leisure, sports, culture
  • Accommodation


  • Tailored / bespoke

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland