The Muhleisen G.Walther Organ Manufacture - Associates
Strasbourg, promoted to the rank of best worker
from France, Enterprise of Living Heritage, offers its prestigious know-how for new organ creations in the world and restorations of organs classified as historical monuments.

New Organ Moscow Philharmonic
New Organ Harsewinkel (D)
Restoration Patroclus Möller organ of Marienmünster (1736/38)
Creation of new organ - Strasbourg Conservatory
New organ St Médard en Jalles (F)
Overhaul Merklin/Gonzalez church Notre-Dame / Versailles (F)
Mobile console in Moscow (design : Christophe ARMAND)
New organ in Bünde (D)
Inauguration of the organ in Moscow (staging : Daniele Finzi Pasca)

The organs of the Muhleisen Organ Manufacture are made by a creative, dynamic and highly qualified team, distinguished by the awarding of the Regional and Departmental Grand Prix of Crafts.
Best workers in France in 2000 with the creation of a modern new organ in the French style in Bad Gandersheim (Northern Germany). Manufacturing, restoration, maintenance of pipe organs
MOF - Best Worker in France


Living spaces

  • City
Collective spaces
  • Leisure, sports, culture


  • Organs

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland

A french organ in Moscow