Charles-Emmanuel SARELOT, trained in his workshops, organ builder and harmonist, has been its Managing Director since 1998.
Its activity is entirely focused on the organ bill:
Construction and assembly of Large Organs, construction and assembly of organs for individuals, restoration, lifting, maintenance, chords.

Bédarieux - St Louis Church
Project - Marseille - St Julien's Church
Cazères on Garonne - ND Church of the Assumption
Lodève - St Fulcran Cathedral

Maintenance is not limited to the agreement of the pipes: depending on the nature, size, build of the instrument, these operations can be the most diverse and more or less long (mechanical adjustments, waterproofing checks, checks and adjustments of electrical systems, depending on the condition of the sets of reeds, rasettes, etc.). Added to this are the climatic and hygrometric conditions of the building in which the instrument is located, the variations it undergoes due to its location, the uses (opening of the doors), and many other parameters that vary over the years.


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